December 11 California Wildfires

As of 12/10/2017, the Southern California wildfires have interdicted key transmission lines.  Although the northern fires near Santa Barbara and Simi Valley the multiple transmission paths from the east have maintained good power availability north of Oceanside. The interdiction of the key transmission lines has caused the greatest number of customer outages south of Oceanside […]

December 5 Southern California Wildfires

As of 1200 on 12/05/2017, approximately 34,000 customers have been outaged from Santa Ana to just south of Santa Barbara.  As viewed in the wildfire perimeters, critical transmission nodes west of Ventura have been de-energized as well as important cell towers and surface transportation routes. From analog responses in this geographical area, we can anticipate […]

Forecasts of Power Restoration 2017

As of November 15, the three most damaging storm blackouts of the year rank in the top 10 of the events costing the greatest number of customer days without power. Forecasts up to 96 hours before landfall of damages and restoration rates were fairly close except for Maria’s snail pace of restoration in Puerto Rico […]

Tale of Two Restoration Regions

As of Nov 13, power restoration  in New England and in Puerto Rico after major storms have taken very different paths.  As illustrated below, Most customers have power with only sporadic outages in rural areas still remaining.  As illustrated above, more than half of Puerto Ricans remain without power and progress is difficult to discern […]

Nov 13 Iran Earthquake

As of 1200 on 11/13/2017, a 7.3 magnitude occurred 4 km south of Sarpol-e-Zahati creating infrastructure damaging earth movements widely in Iraq and Iran. The epicenter (arrow)of the earthquake is In a mountainous border region but the impact zone is home to over 24 million people centered north of the epicenter.  The aftershocks measured about […]

Nov 13 Costa Rican Earthquake

As of 1200 on Nov 13, a new magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Western Costa Rica while recovery was still on-going in central and southern Mexico. Three fatalities have been reported. Power transmission from Mexico to Panama has been disrupted and is expected to be limited until the lines can be restored in 2-3 days.



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