Two Key Flood Zones

As of 1200 on July 16, two key areas are experiencing moderate flooding.  The Mississippi River north of key power transmission nodes around St Louis have reached action stage but are not likely to extend much further south.  The remnants of Tropical storm Beryl will bring flooding  for southeastern Newfoundland as sub-tropical storm Beryl tracks […]

Yokohama Earthquake

In addition, on July 11, a magnitude 6 earthquake struck off the coast near Yokohama created infrastructure damaging earth movement although none of the major transmission lines carrying power into the southern Honshu flood zones transsect the impact area.  Monitor updates at

Phillipine Earthquake

As of 1200 on July 14, 2018 the track for Typhoon Maria passed through the Phillipine area of responsibility a series of magnitude 4.7 earthquakes struck Luzon  and just south of Cebu City.  Continuing analysis at

Tropical Storm Beryl

As of 1200 on July 9, 2018, Tropical Storm Beryl has weakened and opened to a tropical wave, but flooding in Puerto Rico and other islands with damaged drainage systems is expected.  In the aftermath we found Although it has been labeled a small tropical depression, the remnants of Hurricane Beryl has left its mark […]

Hurricane Chris

As of 1200 on July 11 through July 14, Hurricane Chris has  proceeded up the Eastern US seaboard staying well east of Boston and New York.  Chris will make landfall near St John Thursday  and will continue out the North Atlantic. I expect tropical-storm-force conditions (wind gusts 80-95 km/h) Overall impacts will be localized flooding, […]

Power Outages in Three Geographic Regions

As of 1200 on July 11, power outages have been concentrated in three geographic regions in the US. Wildfires in California have caused transmission congestion for power flows from the Pacific Northwest to Southern California. Flooding caused outages in the upper mid west and in the Miami area. See for updates.


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