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lmeria Analytics is a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive look at the behavior of the U.S. electrical grid, in real-time, across multiple regions, substantially accelerating the recovery time associated with large area power outages. Our mission is to provide “health status” updates of the nation’s electrical framework to assist federal, state, and local agencies in response to major catastrophic events.

Almeria Analytics, based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is powered by VERDE (Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth) which addresses the need for real-time status updates of the national electrical grid and critical energy sectors. VERDE takes advantage of over $3 million in research and development funded by the Department of Energy and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Features include status updates of the U.S. electrical grid in real-time, energy framework integration, real-time weather and other data points, grid behavior modeling, and extreme contingency analysis. VERDE is also capable of all-hazard models including wildfires, earthquakes, winter storms, etc., flooding predictions, transportation and evacuation routes, look-ahead restoration simulations and restoration estimates.

VERDE has been developed as a viewing platform for operational support missions. It is currently used by the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA as well as numerous other agencies. VERDE is an excellent choice as a common operational tool for the military, federal agencies, and state and local governments.


ERDE (Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth) was developed to disseminate the analysis of impacts of extreme weather, technological, and man-made events, such as hurricanes, wild fires and ice storms, on energy infrastructures and only later adapted to defense mission planning. VERDE was originally developed to support ESF-12 during the North American hurricane season, it has been expanded to include non-proprietary feeds for non-federal users and for OCONUS applications. VERDE’s novel approach of leveraging the commercial Google Earth® browser to display spatially and temporally tagged power system data has given traditional power utilities a new lens with which to view their system status has been expanded to Geoserver, WMS and WFS formats. Output layers from VERDE analysis and modeling components, the standard Google Earth layers, and external system feeds provide further valuable spatial context, creating a dramatically more informative system view

In a crisis situation, the intersection of strategic basemaps, critical infrastructure ensures all individuals and teams involved in operations or command have the same information is commonly referred to as a common operational picture (COP). The intersection of strategic basemaps, critical infrastructure GIS supporting the mission. The function of a COP is not to only communicate response plans but also support an overall program. This functionality is critical to ensuring the strategic plans are effective, as well as easily understood and implemented. The results from the modeling phase can be used to document agreed-upon prevention, interdiction, mitigation, and response requirements and training needs. Maps, building diagrams, and other preplan data could be used as illustrations within the written procedures, providing more effective communication, or for training exercises.

The lack of wide-area situational understanding has contributed to blackouts and to difficulties in preparing for and responding to destructive events. VERDE addressed this problem. Output layers from backend analyses and modeling components provide a dramatically more informative system view; and all these outputs are available for use by individual user communities in other models for additional analyses or overlays.

A technology license from Oakridge National Laboratory


Steven Fernandez
Principal, Almeria Analytics
Phone: 505-603-4959
E-mail: fernandezsj01@aol.com


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