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Almeria Analytics is a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive look at the behavior of the U.S. electrical grid, in real-time, across multiple regions, substantially accelerating the recovery time associated with large area power outages.  Our mission is to provide “health status” updates of the nation’s electrical framework to assist federal, state, and local agencies in response to major catastrophic events.


VERDE (Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth) addresses the need for real-time status updates of the national electrical grid and critical energy sectors.  VERDE takes advantage of over $3 million in research and development funded by the Department of Energy and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.  Features include status updates of the U.S. electrical grid in real-time, energy framework integration, real-time weather and other data points, grid behavior modeling, and extreme contingency analysis.

VERDE has been developed as a viewing platform for operational support missions.  It is currently used by the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA as well as numerous other agencies.  VERDE is an excellent choice as a common operational tool for the military, federal agencies, and state and local governments. Learn More


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