Typhoon Papiroon has passed Okinawa

As of 1200 on July 2 2018, Typhoon Papiroon has passed Okinawa where more than 4000 households had lost power.  The track continues to track east of yesterday’s track lessening the threat to Jeju island and increasing the threat to the Japanese City of Sendai. The typhoon has sustained winds of 130kph, with gusts up to 170kph – the equivalent of a Category 1 hurricane.  While Prapiroon is strengthening, we expect weakening as it approaches the tip of Kyushu. Cooler seas coupled with stronger upper level winds creating wind shear will both work to weaken the system. At greatest risk of wind damage is the island of Tsushima in the Korea Strait, between South Korea and Kyushu.  Most of South Korea will still experience a couple days of widespread flash flooding.  Monitor updates at www.almeriaanalytics.com/blog.

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