Tropical Storm Prapiroon’s track grazes Okinawa

As of 1200 on July 1,2018 Tropical Storm Prapiroon’s track passed just to the south and west of Okinawa on Sunday evening, local time, bringing wind gusts to 96 km/h (60 mph). The track has moved slightly to the east to cover more of Korea and Jeju Island. While Prapiroon will not reach South Korea until Monday night, heavy rain has already begun with heavy rainfall through Monday. Moisture from Prapiroon will be pulled northward into the Korean Peninsula. These rains, will set the stage for flooding and mudslides. The southern coast of South Korea will endure the strongest winds with six to 12 hours of tropical-storm-force winds expected from Monday night into Tuesday with power outages for up to 500,000 households.

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